Who we are and what we do?

The Siauliai City Municipal foster home for children is a residential social care institution providing care (guardianship), education and social services for children without parental care who have been provided with temporary or permanent care (guardianship).

From 1st of March 2017 foster home for children began to provide assistance to socially vulnerable families.

Šiauliai City Municipal foster home for children was founded in 1992. September 1st, during reorganizing of Šiauliai Secondary School - boarding school. The owner of the nursing home is the municipality of Šiauliai, whose rights and duties are performed by the Šiauliai City Municipality Council.

For the accommodation of children in the foster home for children there are 48 places. They are accommodated in six families (each consisting of 8 children): „Planetos“, „Spindulys“, „Vėtra“, „Sparnuočiai“, „Mažyliai“ and „Vijoliukai“. The family is a "flat" that has kitchen, living room and bedrooms.

The children living in care homes are provided with accommodation, meals, health care services, information, counseling, representation and mediation, daily living and working skills development and support, leisure services. Taking into account the child's age, maturity, individual needs, state of health, an individual plan for the child's social welfare is drawn up and implemented. In order to ensure full employment of children, there are complementary education groups (music, photography, sports) in children's care homes, which offer opportunities for revealing children's aptitudes, creativity, initiative and self-expression.

dDrectly working with children there is a deputy director for social affairs, 2 social pedagogues, 16 social workers, 25 social work assistants, 1 psychologist, 1 healthcare specialist and 4 non-formal education teachers.

Our Mission

Institutional patronage of children left without parental care, children's rights and interests representation and defense.

Our Values

The most valuable contribution to our children would be to encourage them to feel obliged to develop and help each other.

Our Vision

Safe and comfortable homes, which provide care, socialization, conditions for self-expression, development.
We invite you to contribute
with creation of warmth, coziness for the children.
All funds collected are used for our children.
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